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01.19.2005, 12:01 am
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Been reading . . . / Jessamyn West.

Jessamyn West is a famous librarian.  Okay, she’s famous among librarians; probably other people have no idea who she is unless they know a librarian and like to talk to that librarian about librarian things.  Which means that you might know who she is, since you know me and many of you let me go on and on about my vocation at times.  Hrmm. 

Anyway, this is her booklist.  In many ways it was an inspiration for me in starting this booklist (the one you’re reading), and so I thought after seven months I should finally show it to you all.  Jessamyn writes brief, useful reviews of whatever she’s read recently, which is a pretty varied group of books: lots of fiction, and quite a lot of nonfiction about computers and disabled people and politics.  She’s smart and has an interesting perspective, so if you’re trolling for something to read and want to browse through what someone else thinks about some books, this is a good place to go. 

The list can be arranged by date reviewed, by author, by title, or by Jessamyn’s rating (+, 0, or -).



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