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14 – alias
03.8.2005, 12:03 am
Filed under: comix, fiction

Alias [comic book series] / story, Brian Michael Bendis ; art, Michael Gaydos. New York, NY : Marvel Comics, 2002- .
[MCL call number: GN BENDIS; number of copies and holds vary for each volume]

Do you ever wonder what superheroes do after they get tired of the whole thing with the tights and cape? Jessica Jones was once the costumed hero Jewel, in her somewhat naive youth, but now she’s older, wiser, wears regular clothes and works as a solo private investigator. She drinks too much, she has something of a self-confidence problem, she is ridiculously strong, she can fly. She is friends with Daredevil. You’ll love her.

The Alias series was originally issued in 28 comic books, and has been collected in four “trade paperbacks” (this is a comic industry term meaning paperback volumes that are distributed to the book, rather than the comic trade). The Alias series ended with number 28, but the characters and story line have been continued in Bendis’ new series, The Pulse. The first five issues of The Pulse are also collected in a trade paperback (below). The Pulse has much less interesting artwork than Alias — the first series is illustrated in a painterly style that sets the tone of the story almost as much as the writing does.

The pulse. vol. 1. Thin air / writer, Brian Michael Bendis ; penciler, Mark Bagley ; inker, Scott Hanna.
New York, NY : Marvel Comics, c2002.
[MCL call number: GN BENDIS; eight copies, one hold]


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