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24 – making stuff
09.7.2005, 12:02 am
Filed under: generalities, zines

Making stuff and doing things : a collection of DIY guides to just about everything / compiled and edited by Kyle Bravo, with major assistance from Jenny LeBlanc.
Portland, OR : Microcosm Pub., 2005.
[MCL does not have this book. I’m not really sure where it would be on the shelf if it were in the library’s collection — maybe somewhere in 001, Knowledge, or at 643.7, Renovation, improvement, remodeling (a subset of Home economics and family living, in the Technology section)?]

This is, just as the title indicates, a book chock full of instructions. How-tos are reprinted in facsimile from dozens of zines, including helpful illustrations and amusing side comments. The book is divided into topical sections covering activism, self-education, self-publishing, fun, arts & crafts, clothing, “creative troublemaking” (stencils, wheatpasting, and puppets), outdoorsy stuff, gardening, food & drink, travel, health & body, pet care, recycling, repairs, household stuff, and transportation. At the end is a section of pieces on the philosophy of DIY, a list of author contact information, and a very competent index.

Some of my favorites are: I made my own soymilk (p. 119), unstink your socks (p. 69), typewriter ribbons (p. 174), the DIY punk rock cat diet (p. 173), tips for staying fit on the road (p. 122), and how to do basic electrical wiring (p. 205).


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