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25 – whiteout
10.16.2005, 12:04 am
Filed under: comix, fiction

Whiteout [comic book] / created and written by Greg Rucka ; illustrated and lettered by Steve Lieber ; cover art by Frank Miller ; chapter art by Matt Wagner … [et al.] ; cover logo by Monty Sheldon ; book design by Steven Birch at Servo ; collection edited by Jamie S. Rich ; original series edited by Bob Schreck with Jamie S. Rich.
Portland, OR : Oni Press, c2000.
[MCL call number: GN RUCKA; one copy, no holds]

Carrie Stetko is a United States Marshall in Antarctica, where it’s kind of like you’re nowhere because there aren’t exactly any nations, but then also of course it’s somewhere and there you are. The Antarctica of this comic is a disturbing place — it’s frozen and treeless, and the social order and cultural norms of the place are twisted by the cold and people’s odd and often unhealthy reasons for being there.

As a marshall, Stetko has little authority but is responsible for investigating whatever weirdness comes up (a murder, in this story), and there’s plenty of intrigue to go around. Russians, Brits, scientific researchers, military personnel, and lots and lots and lots of snow and ice and bitter chill wind. Whiteout is something like a police procedural, except there is almost nothing like a procedure available to Stetko. It’s something like a spy novel, except Stetko no more concerned with CIA type stuff than your average cop. Maybe what Whiteout is most like is a classic hard boiled detective novel, with tough dialogue and lots of fighting but still a good amount of clever detective stuff. Whatever category it belongs in, the story is gripping and I highly recommend it.

Whiteout is continued in:

Whiteout : melt / written by Greg Rucka ; illustrated & lettered by Steve Lieber…
Portland, OR : Oni Press, c2000.
[MCL call number: GN RUCKA; six copies, no holds]

Also, you may have noticed that for some reason, the library only has one copy of Whiteout. Does this sadden or inconvenience you? If so, you may suggest that the institution purchase more copies.


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