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30 – addendum to number 23
02.16.2006, 12:03 pm
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The Index to How To Do It Information (reviewed in Duck Duck Book number 23) is now available online.  The Index is presented in its entirety, so all citations from magazines published 1963-1999 should be available.

The interface for the Index is a little bit opaque, but as the information presented is fairly simple in form it isn’t hard to learn how to use it.  Follow the link to search, and you’ll see an alphabetical list of subjects.  If you choose T and then click on turnip, you’ll see something like:


Each of these items is a link (despite the fact that they’re presented in plain black text).  “TURNIP” links to all the articles on the subject of turnips.  “sa RUTABAGA” is a “see also” reference, and links to a page about the subject of rutabagas.  “xx VEGETABLE” is what the Index calls a “tracing” reference — it’s broader than a “see also” reference, and includes a detailed list of all the vegetable-y subjects in the index, from ARTICHOKE to PLANT.

Some of the “see also” references are missing from the online version (I checked the “see also”s I cited in my review: there is no longer a “macadamia” entry referring you to “nut & nut culture,” nor is there one for “basting fabric” directing you to “sewing”).   But with a little clicking around you should be able to find the subject you need.

Of course, to use the Index to How To Do It Information effectively, you’ll still have to go to the library, find the magazine that has the article you want, and read it in paper or on microfilm.  Computers can only do so much.


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[…] (You may find the online index a little challenging to navigate – try reading these helpful hints on Emily-Jane’s blog.) […]

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