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addendum to number 38
11.10.2006, 8:39 pm
Filed under: misc.

Dear Readers,
One of the fascinating side benefits of having an archive of this list in blog form is that WordPress keeps statistics for me. So I can go and look at which review gets the most hits (Tijuana bibles, from number 23 wins every time, of course!), what webpages referred people to mine, and my favorite — the search engine terms that led to results people used to find my site. Here’s a sampling of some of the best from recent weeks:

  • garish appearance with schizophrenics
  • number 11 strange
  • “What is it with these white people?”
  • famous librarian to write about
  • economic importance of mt. hood
  • Orwell 1946 + “chicken soup”
  • strange celeb deaths
  • work sheet for grade one from work book
  • how to remove deer poop stain?
  • arkady renko in love

and of course there are always many searches for things having to do with ducks:

  • how does a mother duck show affection?
  • different kinds of ducks ducks
  • duck stories mythical
  • ducks on telephone wires
  • duck cheese space novel

‘Nuf said. I hope you enjoy this issue’s reviews.


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